Runs and Player Agency

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Runs and Player Agency

Postby Tom_Duggan » Wed Mar 22, 2017 12:37 pm

Event 8 - Runs

The Refs want to encourage more player agency in the game, so any Runs which you go on are much more likley to generate a better outcome (profit / stolen stuff / more destruction / etc) if you (the players) take it on yourself to organise them in-character.

The IC justification for this is that any Runs offered in the Free Market by an NPC "Mr Johnson" type will already have had a sizable cut taken out of the proceeds by the NPC. There is also always the risk that the Runs being offered are not genuine, so Players may feel they need to spend time and resources checking them out before accepting.

Successful player organised runs will require some preperation in DT using your characters contacts as well as careful execution in uptime.

You can attempt almost anything; such as robbing a bank, stealing an Earth Fed APC, bombing an NPC's factions operations or even directly murdering an NPC rival.

Your NPC handler contact / associated organisation contact will be happy to provide you with IC advice and guidance on any ideas you have.

[OC: Please post your ideas in a thread in your Chrome Personal Player Forum]
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