SASRA Roleplaying Club 2015 AGM Minutes

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SASRA Roleplaying Club 2015 AGM Minutes

Postby Bowch » Tue Mar 17, 2015 10:08 pm

The SASRA Roleplaying Club - Minutes of Annual General Meeting
Held in The Falcon Club on Monday 2nd March 2015 - Commenced at 19:45

T. Batsford, A. Bowers, G. Brown, J. Brownbridge, C. Clayton, S. Cooper, B. Cottrell, A. Dixon, S. Edmondson, M. Eveleigh, P. Ferguson, J. Graham,
S. Hastewell, A. Horsfield, P. Lace, D. McAlone, S. Proud, C. Steele, M. Tyson, G. Watkins*, R. Way, J. Weir, S. William
* Non-voting

E. Dixon

  1. Chairman’s Introduction
    AH thanked everyone for attending.

  2. Matters arising from previous minutes

  3. Chairman’s Report
    AH noted that although there had been a couple of hiccups, the club was in fairly good shape and he was looking forward to a good year.

  4. Treasurer’s Report and matters arising
    Club made £311 last year. Savings Account: £4784. Cash In Hand: £792.
    There are no full records for sessions 1, 2 & 3. No GM refunds made for session 2.
    There was no SASRA grant received in this last club year.
    LRPs that ran did better than expected financially.

  5. Secretary’s Report and matters arising
    We currently have 36 members listed on our books, but a couple of those have recently left for pastures new.

  6. FRP Co-ordinators Report and matters arising
    There were a few hiccups on games this last year. We face the perennial problem of a shortage of GMs. The short sessions are available for new GMs to try running in, and there are plenty of club members that would be able and willing to mentor a new GM.

  7. LRP Co-ordinator’s Report and matters arising
    Liz did an amazing job at the start of the year. Deposits have been paid. 2 events booked for 10,11,12 April and 4,5,6 September.
    Booking fees were paid out after our financial year end and aren’t included in the accounts.
    LRPs are good fun. If you want to give them a try, don’t be scared and feel free to do so; we’re a friendly bunch.

  8. Elections
    • Chairman
      Candidate: J Graham Proposer: A Dixon Seconder: P Ferguson
      For: 16 Against: 0 Abstentions: 7

    • Secretary
      Candidate: A Bowers Proposer: A Dixon Seconder: S Edmondson
      For: 20 Against: 0 Abstain: 3

    • Treasurer
      Candidate: A Dixon Proposer: P Ferguson Seconder: C Steele
      For: 17 Against: 3 Abstain: 3

    • FRP Co-ordinator
      Candidate: A Dixon Proposer: S Edmondson Seconder: C Steele
      For: 22 Against: 0 Abstain: 1

    • LRP Co-ordinator
      No candidate proposed; the committee will co-opt at a later date.
  9. Motions
    1. A proposal that the club sell the 4 Wargaming Carry Cases that the club currently owns was discussed.
      They are currently in hands of Derek/Tyson, and cost a total of £400 when purchased. It was suggested that we check market prices and agree, in principal, to sell them on.
      For: 15 Against: 1 Abstain: 7
      Motion Passed.
    2. A proposal to change the Club Constitution to allow greater flexibility in calling on willing resources to execute the club activities was discussed.
      We have an honorary member willing to execute the duties of LRP Co-ordinator, but cannot currently do so as the constitution currently stands. The definition of an honorary member was read out. With nobody envisaging a downside to the change, a vote was called for.
      For: 19 Against: 0 Abstain: 4
      Motion Passed.
    3. A proposal to make an addition to the house rules regarding discretionary funds was dicussed.
      There is an historical discretionary fund for each committee post, but it’s not mentioned in the house rules. This is intended to help manage needs of the posts between committee meetings and all spends would be recorded and published in the year end accounts. It was mentioned by SH that most LRP spends are for cleaning and repairing kit.
      For: 18 Against: 0 Abstain: 5
      Motion Passed.
    4. A proposal to remove the word "Wargaming" from our title was discussed.
      Even though we are titled as an FRP and Wargames club we don’t do any wargaming. It was suggested that it’s been a couple of years since wargames were last run; although, it was pointed out that both Mechwarrior and Battletech have run in that period. It was opined that would we really feel any less than what we currently are if Wargames were dropped from the title. It was also suggested that as a club, if we drop Wargames from our title then we might as well sell all our Wargaming kit also.
      It was pointed out that the only reason the regular wargamers stopped coming along was due to the amount of time setting up and packing away took away from their playing time; especially within the confines of the 3½ hours available on a Monday night.
      For: 10 Against: 4 Abstain: 9
      Motion Passed.
  10. Review of subscriptions
    AB proposed and RW seconded that we keep them the same as current levels.
    For: 23 Against: 0 Abstain: 0 Motion Passed.
Meeting closed: 20.30.
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