SASRA Roleplaying Club Committee Meeting – 12/03/15

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SASRA Roleplaying Club Committee Meeting – 12/03/15

Postby Bowch » Tue Mar 17, 2015 9:46 pm

The SASRA Roleplaying Club Regular Committee Meeting – Held at The Falcon Club
Time & Date: 19:20 on Thursday 12th March 2015.
Present: JG, AB, AD, VS.
Apologies: None.

  1. Victoria’s Membership Status
    It was confirmed by the committee that Victoria Stephenson is an honorary member of the club.

  2. LRP Co-Ordinator Post
    With both Victoria’s membership status and her willingness to help with LRP confirmed, the committee co-opted her to the role of LRP Co-ordinator.

  3. Casting Vote
    With the committee consisting of four members, holding 5 posts, Andrew Dixon confirmed that he would only use 1 of his 2 positional votes within committee. It was also agreed that in the event of a tie, John Graham, as chair, would have a casting vote.

  4. Increase Member Involvement
    There’s a lack of energy within club. The back end of 2014 was difficult. Sites and events have been booked later than in previous years. There is a big need for communication within club, be it via email, newsletter or a questionnaire. We need more open-ness with the club, showing what we’re doing and the timescales we’re aiming for.
    We need a published calendar, including a year-long LRP calendar.
    Arath: September Chrome: End of 2015
    We need to look at the availability of sites, including Ratlingate.
    Committee needs to be more proactive in leading organisation of dates and sites for events.
    Potential LRP initiative of giving new players their first taste of playing an LRP for free.
    Club Awards was discussed, but the committee was generally not in favour.
    More involvement of non-committee members in the running of the club; for example sub-committees, Facebook and Forum administration and moderation.
    Are we too structured for some people?
    There are local groups that run some roleplaying pretty much every night of the week. We could perhaps affiliate/associate with one of more of these groups, especially West Coast Gamers.

    Action John Graham to produce a questionnaire by the end of March.
    Action Victoria Stephenson to prepare an email drop by mid-April.
    Action Andrew Dixon to approach West Coast Gamers with the idea of affiliation by 17th March, with follow up by end of April.
    Action Andrew Bowers to provide member list to other committee members by end of current week.

  5. Life Membership
    Liz Dixon has been a member of the SASRA FRP club for over than 25 years, in that time she has ran over 20 tabletop games, with some of her campaigns stretching over a number of years, which her faithful players signed up for time and time again. Liz has encouraged new and experienced GM's alike, to try new systems during the 4 week shorter sessions, which she was instrumental in bringing about. She has also Mentored several budding GM's through their first few games giving honest and fair feedback to enable them to gain the confidence and skills to continue to run successful RPGs'
    Liz has also ran/organised or been part of the Ref team on over 30 LRP's spread over a number of genres, including High Fantasy, Low Fantasy, Modern Day, Near Future and High Sci-Fi. Liz has organised weapon practices so all LRPers can improve their skills and safety with LRP weapons. Before the internet and Facebook, Liz made strong contacts with the wider LRP community, this gave club member the opportunity to play/crew a number of different games in very different genres than those ran at the club at that time.
    Liz has also worked behind the scenes as a member of the Committee, holding various posts, including Club Liaison Officer, Treasurer, FRP Coordinator and LRP Coordinator. Liz also devoted time to be the unofficial social organiser for the Club, organising Christmas parties, nights out to restaurants, games days, charity events and visits to Gaming Conventions.
    The Committee would like to recognise her drive, energy and commitment to the SASRA FRP club over two decades by making her a Life Member with all the benefits this brings.

    Steve Hastewell has been a member of the SASRA FRP club for over 20 years, in that time Steve has ran over 40 tabletop games. Steve’s GM history covers many systems from D&D and it’s many iterations, games in the Mechwarrior Universe including very successfully Aero Tech & Battle Tech campaigns. Steve’s unique take on World of Darkness, with Werewolf, Bastet and normals all being well subscribed. And, let us not forget his foray into the world of Rokugan, from its "humble" beginning as a 8 week battle, through the Scorpion coup and out the other side. Steves wacky and oft off the wall apporach to table top has endeared him to many of the club members over many games over many years
    Steve has also been incredibly active with the LARP scene at the club, throwing himself, sometimes quite literally, into the game, helping to run, organise and play in many of the clubs games. Steve was part of the team that brought us the popular, but often lamented "it ended too soon", Teolvar, where we all got to play Elves, or Pointies as the Roundears called them Steves engineering passion also reared its head in his LARP, his help and advice ensured that people devised solutions to costume or prop making issues with his input and guidance.
    Steve has served, sometimes against his better judgement on the commitee for more years than most people can remember. Steve has held several postions on the Commitee over his life at the club, but it’s for his tireless efforts in "cooking" the books.and ensuring the Club has the money in the bank that has allowed us enjoy table top and live roleplaying at the Club.
    The Committee would like to recognise Steve’s commitment, energy and selfless giving of his time to the SASRA FRP club over two decades by making him a Life Member with all the benefits this brings.

  6. Committee Email Addresses
    Action Andrew Bowers to update club email forwarders to new committee post holders.

  7. Club Signatories
    Action John Graham to change club account signatories by 1st week of April.

  8. LRP Handover
    Insurance, 1st Aiders, Trim kit.
    The committee has agreed to allocate £200 from club funds to purchase storage boxes for LRP kit.
    LRPs should aim to break even. Tier costs? Add to questionnaire.
    Committee agree that the club will pay full accommodation costs for all LRP events in this club year.
    Agreed that first LRP event will be free for new players.
    Leave all event costs to organisers, but with intended aim of trying to break even.

  9. Wargaming Kit
    With the removal of wargaming from the club title, and the shuft away from wargaming that has occurred over recent years it was agreed by the committee that the club would dispose of all wargaming kit.
    We will offer the 4 cases that Michael Tyson is currently storing for us to him for £160. If he refuses, then we will offer them to other club members.
    We will offer club members the opportunity to buy club wargaming kit, terrain tiles and minatures.
    We will then approach other local groups, especially West Coast Gamers, and offer them the opportunity to buy any remaining kit.
    Ebay will be reserved as a final option for any unsold kit
    Club sale will occur on first changeover week.

  10. Black Library
    In a similar vein to the decision to dispose of the wargaming kit, the committee has also decided to dispose of unused FRP kit.
    Club members will be offered the first opportunity to purchase any of the club’s unwanted FRP kit.
    We will then approach other local groups and offer them the opportunity to buy any remaining kit.
    Ebay will be reserved as a final option for any unsold kit.
    Club sale will occur on first changeover week.
Meeting End: 20:50.
Next Meeting Thursday 16th April 2015
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